Understanding child emotional neglect 

Sorry guys I wasn’t able to do a post on Saturday. This is a make up post. Today I want to talk about a very sensitive topic about child emotional neglect(CEN)

CEN is not a mistreatment and abuse.It’s a parent’s failure to notice, attend to or respond appropriately to a child’s feelings.It affects a child’s emotional health and development.CEN includes humiliating,isolating or ignoring kids. Its always a deep long lasting wound that is not detectable.This eventually turns a kids psyche into a quagmire of emptiness,fear and shame.

Do you ever feel numb a lot of the time,feel like something is missing in you,you have no idea of how you feel about anything,your chest feels hollow or feel empty inside?All the above questions describe the same feeling just that they are said differently because there is no standard word of describing the feeling.All those questions represent same feeling caused by the same problem.

The best word that describes it is 


This is one of the mist uncomfortable emotion that one can ever have.This is a feeling of something absent or missing inside of you,being different or even set apart. Its a feeling  that can drive people  to do myriad of unhealthy things like using drugs and overdrinking.

It erodes one’s joy,confidence and energy.Also degrades quality of life.It tells us that we are missing something vital in ourselves which in turn makes us unhappy and feel not fulfilled.

These people somehow miss:


The main cause is mostly CEN,for people who grew up in hones where their emotions were not accepted, responded to or validated enough.Emotions are hard wired into us.These are most deeply personal, biological part of who we are.When one grows up with such parents they learn to quickly to it themselves.This is not a child’s conscious choice,its an invisible message with invisible power,a kid who is adaptive automatically adjusts.This kid invalidates, ignores and fails to respond to their own feelings

So as an adult when you feel empty,what’s always missing in you is the same thing that was missing in your childhood.As an adult you don’t need acceptance from your parents the acceptance you need is from yourself.You may have emotions but still feel empty.

So just picture a wall inside yourself on one side and your feelings on the other side.Your feelings exist and are real.

Everything that you need to fill yourself is already inside of you, waiting for you to open your eyes,break down the wall and see.The fuel of life is feeling.If we are not filled up in childhood we must fill ourselves as adults.

Today am still on the rugged denim shorts but now with a stripped top.I find this look amazing more so because I love stripped tops.More so it’s just a simple outfit.Oooh its nature inspired as cool as it is.

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